The S2Tech congress is divided into four thematic blocks: energy transition, improvement of industrial processes, digital transformation and smart buildings and cities.

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* The presentations will be made in Spanish.

25th November 2020

9.45h - Welcome

Alex Morales, President of the SECARTYS Business Association.

Energy Transition Block

9.55h - Opening of the Energy Transition block.

Isabel Guedea and Luis Marquina, Presidents of the SOLARTYS and AEPIBAL clusters.

10.00h - Electricity and solar heat in the hands of people.

Isabel Guedea, CEO & co-founder at Endef Engineering.

10.40h - Methodologies and Developments for an optimal integration of storage with Renewable energies.

Igor Villareal, Head of the Energy Storage and Management Area at IKERLAN.

11.20h - SF8, designed for greatness.

David García, Sales Manager Europe at Soltec.

12.00h - Energy communities and aggregation: Applications of the European DRIvE project (Demand Response Integration Technologies).

Iván Aranda, Head of Energy at R2M Solution.

12.40h - How can INTESIS help reduce more than 30% in energy consumption?

Mauro Alonso, Brand Development Manager at Intesis Software.

13.20h - Energy Communities and the Independent Aggregator: The New
actors of the energy ecosystem.

Miquel de la Mano, Project Manager at Prosume.

Industrial Process Improvement Block

14.55h - Opening of the Industrial Process Improvement block.

Albert Mateu, Vice President of the Electronics sector at SECARTYS.

15.00h - Equipment grouping.

Pere Capdevila, CEO at Automatismos y Control.

15.40h - From idea to manufacturing: electronic cards.

Raquel Rodriguez Quintero, General Director at Insyte.

16.20h - Financing the innovation of smart and sustainable technologies.

Emilio Iglesias Cadarso, Head of Area from Departamento de Promoción Institucional y Cooperación Territorial at CDTI.

26th November 2020

Digital Transformation Block

9.25h - Opening of the Digital Transformation block and the Smart Buildings and Cities block.

Sergio Hernández, President of DOMOTYS cluster.

9.30h - Digital transformation: The importance of having a good initial diagnosis.

Carolina Viana, Technical Manager at CT Solutions.

10.10h - NO CODE platforms: The new era of digital transformation.

Jaume Martínez, CEO at Gladtolink (G2L DTS S.L.)

10.50h - International presence does not cost what it is worth: not before, not during, not after COVID.

Pere Grivé, General Director at iDISC.

11.30h - Digital Twins & Lifecycle BIM.

Salvador Bohigas, CEO at Manteniment Sostenible Integral.

12.10h - Change your industry, change the world. Industry 4.0 success stories.

Pol Barceló y Juan Carlos Barranco, Commercial Consultant and Commercial Director at Tai Smart Factory.

12.50h - Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0: Use cases and tools for the future.

Pere Roset, CEO at Aumenta Solutions.

Block of Buildings and Smart Cities

13.30h - Wireless communications in urban environments using bluetooth low energy applied to public lighting.

Jose Antonio Andrés Martínez, CEO at CERC Ingeniería.


15.00h - Automation of homes and buildings. How to reduce the human factor to be more efficient.

Francesc Soler, Manager at Loxone Spain.

15.40h - The building in Smart Cities: present and future.

Ana Pérez, Management Director at Ingenium.

16.20h - KNX Secure. How to guarantee computer security in automated installations for homes and buildings.

Antonio Moreno, Technical director at JUNG.

17.00h - The great technological leap that emerges from the pandemic.

Mª Dolors Nuñez, Head of Analysis and Detection of Technological Opportunities at ACCIÓ.

18.00h - Closing: Being positive, because the alternative is terrible.